Yup… it’s been awhile and I have tried many different planner layouts in the past years. Although ultimately you can simply use a blank notebook for planning, templates can really help guide us through the process and give us structure. Many of us would simply freeze and be overwhelmed by a totally blank page.

That’s why I like templates and having some kind of framework if possible for my planning pages. These printable planner pages are also great for pre-planning. When you just need something to scribble on and work out ideas and plans… before setting them in stone.

The wonderful thing about digital printables, is that you can always print out a fresh copy to re-write and organize your plans. So get ready for a whole new set of planner pages as I rework my system and give myself a mid-year refresh. I’m creating a catch-all home binder filled with many different types of planner pages and not just the traditional calendars.

So watch out and look for the free PDFs to download. I’m designing everything in the A4 page size because that is what I use. That size will actually work well to size down to A5 and A6 pages… or simply tell your printer to fit to page and print on whatever size paper you have.

I hope these free printable planner pages will help you on your journey of planning and organization!