Looking for a simple blank monthly calendar for home planning, pre-planning and general organization? Check out this free download to make yourself a monthly general overview of your plans. This free printable PDF is perfect for getting all your plans down on paper!

blank monthly calendar 

Free Printable PDF Overview

Here is a blank monthly calendar free printable in the horizontal or landscape format for download. The file is a PDF download that you can save to your computer for your planning purposes. I think it’s a perfect minimalistic monthly calendar design to print at home. Use it to scribble out all your events and appointments for the month and revise as necessary with newly printed sheets! With digital printables, you can print out as many copies as you need!

Free Printable Blank Monthly Calendar Download

Here is the link to download the free PDF, just right-click the link below and save the file to your computer for safekeeping. All printables here are free for personal use.

Download Blank Monthly Calendar PDF

Free Printable
Blank Monthly Calendar

Tips and Tricks on Using Printable Downloads

Digital printables are budget friendly and super versatile. That’s why I love creating them and sharing them for others to utilize. Just download the PDF file to your computer and print from home or send to your local printer shop as preferred.

Resizing – Remember that you can always print out the page actual size or resize by percentage or fitting to whatever paper size you prefer. Just check your printer settings and use this however it works best for you.

Draft quality – If you are using printables for the first time and just want it for pre-planning and scribbling things out on paper, consider printing draft quality by selecting that option in your printer settings. It basically uses less ink and prints faster, even if the quality of the page comes out lighter.

Copies – As always, remember that if you have a digital copy on your computer, you can use this printable time and time again. Think of it as part of your library of tools!

Digital Edits – If you are comfortable using digital software, remember you can always pull in digital files into programs and then place your own graphics or text on top. You can even do this with many programs on the ipad for notetaking and editing. So remember that these files can also be used digitally, depending on your skill level and not just printed out.

I hope these tips and ideas will help you out in your journey of using digital printables for planning. Enjoy!

Free printable blank monthly calendar from helloplannerprintables.com